Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Under a sheet of rain in my heart

I had a student job application interview today at the Brussels airport in order to work there as a saleswoman in one of the so-called 'Sky Shops'. I'm really hoping to get in there for this summer since it's a necessary job if you'd also like to work there during the year - which is what I'd love to do during my last year at uni, since I'll have almost no courses and because I need the money.

I was bloody nervous but I think the interview went pretty well. My mouth was sooo dry from all the nerves, but I did pretty good on answering the questions in French and English. Plus, I added some German and Italian to impress. ;) They also seemed to like the fact that I write for two music magazines since they kept on asking questions about that ("Which famous people did you meet so far?", "Can you go backstage at concerts?" and so on), haha. I didn't look like the typical airport saleswoman though. Almost all of the other candidates - except for one other girl and quite obviously the boys - had gigantic boobs. Hm, I hope cup size is not part of the criteria or I'm totally screwed. I'll know if I get the job or not in 7 days tops. Fingers crossed!


  1. Non sapevo che parli anche italiano! In bocca al lupo... And what do you mean with gigantic boobs? More than a handful?

  2. alsof cupmaat gaat uitmaken, ge zult wel indruk genoeg gemaakt hebben :)

  3. @Storfie Non e perfetto, ma conosco la base. :) And MUCH more than a handful. :)

    @TimBroddin het Duits zal het em gedaan hebben ;)