Wednesday, 15 April 2009

You'll never live like common people

Easter vacations are always party time! Previous week I've been to the Make Up Club on Thursday and Saturday. On Thursday a whole bunch of my friends were dj'ing, Sis & his mates and Peter & Michaël. All great guys with a taste in music that's almost as fantastic as they are themselves. Thursday parties unfortunately never last as long as the weekend parties, so Tessa, Michaël, some people we didn't even know and I went into town to have some more drinks afterwards.

Michaël dj'ing

Michaël Me & Michaël
no idea who this is

Tessa & I
Saturday's party was "I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor Part II", promoted by the lovely Neon Enlightenment girls (make sure check out their blog, it's ace). It wasn't the best Make Up party I've been to so far, due to the dj's who managed to fuck up song after song by adding unnecessary scratches, bleeps and whatmore (I mean, they even ruined Pulp's 'Common People' - to me, that's a severe kind of blasphemy). Despite all of that, it became a great night after all. 1) There was a very good gig by the lovely FrYars, who I interviewed about a year ago when he was supporting Vampire Weekend in Brussels, and who makes really great music. 2) The ending of the party was really eh, explosive. At some point there was this guy who was dancing like a gay penguin, which for some reason led ús back to the dancefloor as well. At the same time, the dj's decided to suddenly play much better music. So we danced the night away once again.

Phara at the beginning of the night, waiting to hand out the self-made Neon Enlightenment badges to the party people.

Gerlin & Phara


  1. ROFL - "no idea who this is" - oh, man, did I get a good laugh at that!


  2. OH MY GOD, that last photo of me is awful, aargh delete it! I look like a sweaty rabbit :-(

  3. I have given you another award. :) Love your blog.

  4. hahaha, they're everywhere! D:
    thank you very much (:

  5. Jen - Haha, I really don't! :D

    Gerlin - Nah, you're cute!

    Jessica - Thanks, darling! Wish I could give it back to you!!

    Sophie - You're welcome!