Friday, 26 February 2010

So now you're leaving? I'm not that impressed

I like looking at random pictures and drawings on the Internet. Whilst doing that, I stumbled upon a fascinating artist called Dmitry Maximov. He's a young Russian photographer and graphic designer who's done a lot of really cool things in his still short carreer. My favourite pieces by him, however, are his two-dimensional images that combine illustration and photographic techniques. The results are micro worlds populated by special, super-cute creatures that live in magical landscapes characterised by human emotions like loneliness, wonder and sadness. Here are some examples - enjoy! (definitely check out more of these pictures by Maximov, they are all over the internet)


  1. They're cool; they sort of remind me of Danbo, the Japanese cardboard robot. I like seeing extraordinary things in ordinary places.

  2. to me, the big head ones, they make me think of the movie version of Marvin the paranoid android