Saturday, 13 February 2010

Here I lie far from close enough to you (London 3-4)

Wednesday morning I took the bus to Camden. I had a fantastic banana milkshake in a place called Inhabition. I'd read about it on that 'Secret London' Facebook group (yes, it's not that secret anymore, really) and I can only agree with their enthusiasm. After finishing my drink and having a chat with the lovely woman who worked there, I walked around the stables market and took some pictures.

In the afternoon I took up Alan's advice to go to the National Portrait Gallery near Leicester Square. I don't really know why I hadn't been there before, as it is a great collection of 18/19/20th century paintings and modern photography. Quite touristy, of course, but worth the visit anyway!

Back home I found Alex and Alan cleaning up their living room, transforming their closet in a bar (right side of the closet) and a eh, farm for Alex (left side), consisting of a plastic horse and a stone duck. Alex prepared us some delicious pasta, but had to leave shortly after. I stayed in with Alan, who introduced me to his favourite blogger Momus (who sadly quit blogging earlier this week) and Momus's music and lyrics. I usually tend to go out quite a lot when I'm London, but I must say I've really enjoyed my cosy nights in with Alan. Shortly after midnight, we were joined by Christina, an Austrian girl who'd be my fellow couch surfer from that night on. She turned out to be a very nice girl with a delightful sense of humour.

The day after, I met up with Rob. After doing some shopping on Oxford Street, I told Rob I wanted to look for a toy animal. Rob was quite surprised, but after telling him about Alex's farm, he was happy to help me find a suiting addition to the farm. We went to a children's shop and found a lovely cow. Afterwards, Rob and I went for a drink or two, three before I returned home. Alex was pleasantly surprised when he received the cow.

When everyone was back home (me, Alex, Alan, Nikos and his girlfriend Abi; only Christina was away, she was attending a couch surfing 'drawing' event), we took off for a pub quiz. I was quite excited as Alan had taught me everything one should know about British pubs, including the tradition of the pub quiz. I'd never been to one before, so this was my chance! Unfortunately, the quiz was cancelled, so we ended up just having drinks for a while. Alan had to go to work that night, Nikos and Abi went to their room, and Alex, Christina (who got back by then) and I watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and chatted about Belgian and Austrian music for hours and hours.

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