Monday, 15 February 2010

Christmas TV (London 5-6)

It's okay that I pray that you will miss your flight
And have to stay with me another night (Slow Club)

As I was leaving London on Saturday around noon, I wanted to make the most out of my Friday. In the morning I made use of another one of Alan's tips, which was the John Soane museum. Soane was this architecture spending his money on a fantastic collection of art from all ages - Egyptian, Roman, medieval, absolutely everything. The location of the museum is the house the man used to live in, so you can imagine it's absolutely one of a kind. And not too overcrowded with tourists so far!

In the afternoon I met up with Alan in Berwick Street to do some cd shopping. Alan showed me some great second hand shops and we both ended up buying heaps of cd's for very little money. Afterwards, we went for a drink with a friend of Alan's. When his friend had to leave, Alan and I went to some more record shops and for another drink. We decided to 'race' back home - I would take the tube and do the rest of the road by foot, he would do the entire trip on his bicycle. Despite my cursing when I had to wait for a tube for 6 minutes (since when does anyone have to wait 6 fucking minutes for a tube in London??) and my pretty impressive sprint on high heels, Alan beat me with 4 minutes.

When I managed to start breathing normally again, Alan, Christina and I discussed wether to go to the Garage (Islington) or not. The Rifles were supposed to play an acoustic gig, but they cancelled and we weren't particularly excited about seeing The Twang or any of the new bands that were on. On the other hand, Rob was djing, which should've been pretty good. Christina seemed to be quite fond of going, until she suddenly got really tired. Eventually, she fell asleep. Alan and I left the room quietly, enjoyed some spirits in the kitchen, and then withdrew to his room. Alan works for the Guardian, which leaves him with heaps of double cd copies, and he invited me to pick out some albums for myself. We were laying on his bed, listening to music (including a selfmade christmas cd - I can't believe someone else shares my love for christmas songs!) for hours and hours and hours, and getting all cuddly.

The next day I had to leave around noon. Christina prepared us a fantastic brunch, but then it was time to say goodbye. Of course I got all teary-eyed when I hugged Christina, Nikos and Alex, but it got even worse when Alan walked me to the tube station and the tears started flowing heavily. It took us at least 15 minutes to say goodbye and I almost missed my Eurostar, but in the end, I was on my way back to Belgium. I felt sort of lost back here, but I'm going back to London soon (well, soonish, as uni prevents me from leaving before the start of the Easter holidays) and I'm quite excited already!

Alex's farm


Alan and one of the beer glasses he ordered for his new "bar", covered in stickers
me, covered in stickers as well

and again

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