Friday, 29 January 2010

We are not the same

Today is the day of my last exam and I can't wait for it (the exam, not the day) to be over. I'm tired of rehearsing the same things over and over again. After that, I'm having a week off from uni and I've already filled it in with nice plans. Tonight I'm going to Ghent, have some drinks with Elise and Gui at Celtica, then head off to Hindu Nights at the Backdoor. The morning after I return home, get an hour or two of sleep, shower, watch the Australian Open women finals, then pack my bags and leave for...London (again, I know, can't help it that I love it)! I'll be there from Jan 30 - Feb 6, including 2 days of Liverpool, where I've never been before (quite a shame being such a huge Beatles fan!). I've already got heaps of plans for both my London and Liverpool stay, and I'm quite excited as well because my stay in London will be my very first couch surfing experience.

HOWEVER now I need to concentrate on that bloody exam! It really does my head in, especially because I feel too guilty to do interesting things during the time that I could use to study. Nonetheless, I had a very good Wednesday night. I interviewed Good Shoes to find out they were a bunch of really nice blokes. I watched their gig (very energetic, uncomplicated, just 40 minutes of really catchy music - that's how I like it!) and hung out with the band afterwards. They set up their ping pong table right in front of stage, which was quite funny. :) Here are some pictures..

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