Friday, 22 January 2010

And it really, really, really could happen

A couple of days ago I went to see 'No distance left to run', the documentary on Blur's reunion. In the context of the Battle of Britpop I would've picked the side of Oasis, but my love for Oasis never stopped me from liking Blur as well.

The documentary was really well made, a nice mixture of old and new video material and interesting, surprisingly honest interviews with all band members. Their story is quite sad, it somehow reminded me of what happened to The Libertines, only Blur has managed to come up with a happy end.

Anyway, watching the film got me in a Blur-mood, so I haven't been listening to much else since then. And because I don't have much more to tell you as I'm still in the middle of my exames, I decided to share my favourite Blur songs with you guys.

First up is 'Coffee & TV' with my favourite Blur member, Graham Coxon on vocals. It's so charming and perfect in a very lo-fi way. The video below shows the band at a Rough Trade instore gig from last year, but don't forget the check out the cute official video!

Then there's 'The Universal' with its super dramatic yet fantastic chorus. It was also used in the trailer to the movie, an excellent choice if you ask me.

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  1. This totally brings me back! When I was in high school I had the Blur's greatest hits album and coffee & tv was on it... also liked parklife....