Thursday, 26 November 2009

London part 1

As I might have told you before, I'm planning on moving to London after I - hopefully - finish my studies in a little over half a year. Until then I'll have to keep myself satisfied with a couple of shorter visits. A couple of days ago, I came back from such a six day trip to the city of my dreams. And I feel like going back already.

I stayed over at my friend Eloise's place. She's from Leeds, but has already been living in London (on Brick Lane) for a while now. Some time ago her Belgian boyfriend Lenny moved in as well. Since Eloise had to work, I spent most of my first day in London with Lenny. We had breakfast in a place called Yummy's, where the owner told us a story about some kind of UFO's he had seen a while ago. He even had quite an interesting video to back up his story. Hmm. Afterwards, we headed to Camden and strolled around the markets. Some guy claimed he knew me, which was quite impossible, as my last visit to Camden was ages ago. Ah well, our familiarity got me a nice ring from his shop for only half the price!

After a great meal at McDonald's (the chicken selection, WHY OH WHY don't we have this in Belgium??) we went back to Camden where I was meeting Dean (singer from Regency, part-time key board player for The Rifles) and Rob (from The Rifles) at the Enterprise. Dean introduced me to some eh, interesting people (especially refering to this one very enthusiastic bloke who was non-stop joking and dancing) and we had a few beers and Sambucca shots. After a while, we all headed to Proud for Narrow Minded Social Club. There were gigs by Karova, The Paddingtons, Jersey Budd etc and it turned out to be an excellent night. A lot of my friends were around, English and Belgian (Lenny, Matthi, Wouter, Luc), and I got to meet some really nice new people. However, I still don't understand how the news got spread so quickly that I am Belgian. There were at least 10 random people coming over to me, asking silly questions like "Oh, so you're from Belgium! Tell me about Belgian beer! How about Belgian chocolate?" Rrrright. Great night nevertheless!!

Liverpool Station.
Cyberdog in Camden, possibly the weirdest shop I've ever seen!

Narrow Minded Social Club at Proud.
Jersey Budd.

Dean and I.



  1. wow...i love the robots!
    I hope you get to move to London, I'll totally come visit you. Especilly if I get a gig in the area!

  2. I didn't know you were coming to live here; that's cool. And of course we are fascinated by Belgians.

  3. @Pi: oh yes, definitely come visit me!!

    @Jordan: haha, good to know :) and yes, I really want to move to the UK, hopefully in September.