Monday, 9 November 2009

Blue Monday

Last weekend was PERFECT and I'll tell you all about it later on, but the weekend before wasn't that bad at all either thanks to Date With The Night in Oudenaarde, a rock 'n roll party with my friends from Bible Club and Dilly Boys. I had a very good time, the music was excellent, had good mates around me, AND they had Union Jacks for me to dance with - nuff said.

(the first five pictures are mine, the rest is by the official photographer, Maxim Solomaniuck.


  1. Erm... Dancing with a union jack?

    As Billy Bragg says...

    "Take down the Union Jack
    It clashes with the sunset
    And put it in the attic
    With the Emperor’s old clothes

    When did it fall apart?
    Sometime in the 80’s
    When the good and the great
    Gave way to the greedy and the mean

    Britain isn’t cool you know
    And it’s really not that great
    It’s not a proper country
    It doesn’t even have a patron saint
    It’s just an economic union
    That’s past its sell-by date

    Take down the Union Jack
    It clashes with the sunset
    And ask our Scottish neighbours
    If independence looks any good

    ‘Cos they just might understand
    How to take an abstract notion
    Of personal identity
    And turn it into nationhood

    Is this the 19th Century
    That I’m watching on TV ?
    The dear old Queen of England
    Handing out those MBE’s
    Member of the British Empire
    That doesn’t sound too good to me"

  2. Those pictures of you with the flag are hot, Laura. And Billy Bragg is often way off the mark, I'm afraid.

  3. Not about the Union Jack...

    It was the most distasteful element of punk culture alongside the NAZI uniforms.

  4. Thanks Jordan! :)
    And ah well, I had a good time with my flag. :)

  5. Well, I wouldn't try running down O'Connell St with it! ;)

  6. I'm sure there are many things it would be unwise to attempt in O'Connell Street. But you'd be quite welcome in Lancashire. :)

  7. Lol :p I'll keep that in mind! :)