Friday, 18 September 2009

You're still my friend, it's impossible to hate you

Another day trip (this time with my parents and their long-time friends Flor and Ursula, my sis was at school) to Lille on a day off from work. The sun was shining and everything was perfect.

(btw, that darling sheep was a present from Ursula to my sister, who had her birthday a day earlier)


  1. Didn't you go to Lille not so long ago? It looks like a nice place anyway. It must be great living in Europe, and being able to take short trips to lots of different countries. We're a little bit out of the way of everwhere here.

  2. That's right, but even though it's not long ago, I would never say no to another trip to Lille when I'm offered one. :) Living in Europe is pretty nice indeed, but of course you can travel a lot more in your own country than we can in Belgium.

  3. That's true I suppose; there are still a lot of places in Britain I haven't seen.