Sunday, 9 August 2009

There's a science to fear

After getting back from France, there was lots to do. The yearly 10-day festivities in Ghent were going on and my dearest Make Up Club of course took part in these celebrations. I went to Ghent twice that week. The first time for the 'Mojo Nights', when Sis and his mates were dj'ing. They were good as ever, unfortunately there weren't too many people attending and the party was over waaay too soon.

A couple of days later, I was back for the second edition of Icons. I still remember the first edition as the best party I've ever been to at Make Up (or anywhere, in fact), so I was thrilled to be there for the new one. Me and the girls had a little warm-up with cocktails...
...and pure vodka... this cool bar Tessa brought us to.

Then it was time to party! Icons² lasted a whole lot longer than the Mojo Nights party and was pretty great again.

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