Saturday, 29 August 2009

Noel left Oasis

...and I can't believe it. I've been loving this band for such a long time - unfortunately only went to my first Oasis gig for the first time this year - fortunately already three times since then (Brussels, Lille, Werchter), each time being a great experience. Rock 'n roll stars like Liam and Noel seem to be very scarse these days. Been listening to Oasis records all day and I just can't get over it.


  1. It sounds lke it had been coming for a while. Do you think they'll get back together like a lot of bands do?

  2. I'm afraid this might be the end. If it was Liam who left the band (again), but Noel.. I don't think he does reunions. Or at least not anytime soon. Let's hope I'm wrong!