Friday, 11 June 2010


Not even two weeks after the joy of Roland Garros (although it wasn't my favourite RG, to be honest - Federer and Henin out way too early, and two pretty boring finals), there is more pleasure on tv for the sports fan. The football World Cup in South Africa has been kicked off about an hour ago. Since Belgium didn't make it to the tournament, I'm supporting Germany (like I always do) and England (especially for the mister!). When it comes down to winning the cup, my bets are on Spain, though. Who are you supporting and who do you think is going to win?


  1. I'm following England, of course, although we'll have to improve a lot on recent performances if we're to do anything. It's interesting to me that you would support Germany rather than the Netherlands; I wouldn't have expected that.

    Spain and Brazil are obvious favourites, but if they struggle (and in knockout football they only need to have one bad day), then I think it's wide open.

  2. Hm, the Flemish seem quite divided on the matter of supporting or not supporting the Netherlands. Some of them feel like they should support them because they're our neighbours and they speak the same languages, but a whole lot of us would consider it as the last thing they would ever want to do. We have a strange relationship with those Dutch guys - my boyfriend said it's a bit like the English and the French. :p