Thursday, 27 May 2010

In my dreams we're still screaming

I guess that's enough looking back. Back to the here and now, and guess what? Arcade Fire have finally released new material! Their album won't be out until August, but to lessen the pain we're offered a double single to keep us sweet until then.

One of the songs is called 'The Suburbs' (which will also be the album title) and is pretty fantastic. Musically not completely in the line of 'Funeral' or 'Neon Bible', yet still without a doubt the same band. The songs excells thanks to a great chorus, dito lyrics and a lovely old-fashioned honkey-tonk piano.

The second song is less impressive. 'Month of May' is Arcade Fire's first effort to make a real rock song - it's even a bit glam, now I come to think of it - but even though it's not a disaster, I'd advise them to stay away from the genre in the future. If you can make songs like Arcade Fire does, you don't want to waste your talent on a genre you're only average at.

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