Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Everybody's starry-eyed

About an hour ago I had my master paper printed. It possibly caused my parents' bankruptcy (damn you colour prints!), but all in all I'm very relieved. Another good thing is that this means I've got time to blog again! I've been the worst blogger in history for over a month, but was very pleased to get a few messages from readers who were looking forward to new posts - thank you for the support!

Working on my master paper meant that I spent the last 1,5 month mainly in the company of Vladimir Putin (not literally - my paper is about the reporting in Flemish newspapers on Russia during the 8 years under the reign of Putin) and not so much where and with who I'd rather be. But fortunately there were exceptions. A short overview of what I've been up to next to reading, analysing and reporting...

I went partying in Leuven...
(first four pictures by Maxim Solomaniuck, the others by Barbara Peremans)

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