Saturday, 28 August 2010

Does it feel better than love?

Here are some pictures of one of my last trips to London about a month ago.

Pics 1-6: Once again, I had a blast. I waited too long to book cheap Eurostar tickets, so I came over by bus instead. The 7.5 hour trip turned into a 10 hour trip after the bus got stuck in Calais, so Alan was already off to work when I eventually arrived. Thom and Alex were home, we had some pizza and then went to Yacht Rock at the Social, a club night entirely dedicated to the yacht rock genre (Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Journey...). I don't think it'd ever be possible to have a similar night in Belgium. Honestly - one of the best parties I've ever been to.
Pics 7-9: These were taken in the V&A museum, where I went to check out the temporary architecture exhibition that was running. Young architects were challenged to present their idea of what "a space" could and/or should look like. These were two of my favourites.
Pics 10-11: Elise and Emma were on a citytrip in London and of course we had to meet up. During day time we went for a drink and some shopping, we got back together in the evening (joined by Alan) for some good times in the Lock Tavern.
Pic 12: Alan and his special iPhone skills on the terras of a pub in Cambridge.



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