Tuesday, 1 December 2009

London parts 4 and 5

My fourth day in London was a rather quiet one. I had stayed over at Rebecca's (she lives in Hackney and honestly, I've never seen a flat as huge and gorgeous as hers) and returned to Brick Lane in the morning. That's where we (Eloise, Lenny, Mathi and I) spent most of the day, strolling through the countless vintage shops and markets. I bought a pair of lace gloves and some second hand books. Late afternoon, we went to the Old Blue Last again for a drink. Later on, we met up with Rebecca and had dinner in a Mexican restaurant. We made sure to get back home in time for the X Factor show, especially for Rebecca who is quite into Jedward, the exentric twins. :) I can't believe how quickly I became hooked myself. My favourite contestant, however, is this young lad called Joe McElderry. What a voice! We were planning on going out after X Factor, but it was raining so hard that we didn't feel like doing so anymore. Rebecca went off because she was going to a birthday party, the rest of us stayed in. We watched a charity music event and a documentary on Britpop, drank the cava I had brought from Belgium and had a lovely night after all.

The day after, I met up with Jonathan (my host on my previous London trip) at Tate Modern. He's got a membership card so he took me to the paid exhibitions for free. :) I especially enjoyed the Pop Life exhibit on Andy Warhol and other pop art icons. But it was even better to see Jonathan again after such a long time. We had a cup of tea and a piece of pie in the member's cafetaria, then took the tube to Putney, where he lives nowadays. I couldn't stay very long, but it was good to catch up. Back on Brick Lane, I met with Eloise, Lenny, Mathi and Rebecca. We went to a cinema in Whitechapel to watch New Moon, which turned out to be a very crappy movie.

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